How To Use Find My iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Find My iPhone was an app and service provided by Apple Inc. that allowed remote of iOS devices, Mac computers, Apple Watch, and AirPods. It was replaced by the app Find My in iOS 13.

The service itself was integrated into iOS and macOS, while enabled devices could be tracked using either an iOS app or the iCloud website. On iOS 8 and older, the app could be downloaded from the App Store free of charge. Starting with iOS 9, the app has been bundled with the operating system.

For the app to work, both the tracker device and the device being located had to be supported devices with the Find My iPhone app installed and Location Services turned on, and both must have been connected to the same iCloud account.

Find My iPhone allowed users to locate their iOS devices using either the iOS app or iCloud on a computer.

  • If your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, AirPods, Apple Watch, MacBook are lost or stolen, Find My iPhone can locate it. These steps show you how to track the location of the device and remotely delete your personal data.
  • Note: you must have already enabled Find My iPhone on your Apple device. See our instructions to enable Find My iPhone on your iPhone. Choose Next to locate the device, if Find My iPhone is enabled.
  • Open your browser. In the address bar, enter and press the enter key.
  • Choose Apple ID and enter your Apple ID. Choose Password and enter your password. Choose the arrow symbol.
  • If this screen appears, choose an option, in this case Not Now. If this screen does not appear, go to the next step.
  • Choose Find iPhone. iCloud is searching for your Apple iPhone
  • To see an overview of all your devices, choose All Devices. The overview of all your devices is shown. Choose the device which you would like to find. The location of your Apple iPhone is indicated with a green dot on the map. To make your Apple iPhone play a sound, choose Play Sound. Note: If the Apple iPhone is online, it vibrates and plays a sound immediately (for two minutes). If it’s offline, the sound plays the next time it’s online.
  • To lock your Apple iPhone, choose Lost Mode and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • If your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, AirPods, Apple Watch or MacBook is lost or stolen, you can erase it. To do this, choose Erase iPhone and follow the onscreen instructions.


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